The Brichetto Girls

The Brichetto Girls
Gia and Jeannie

Happy Birthday Jeannie!

Happy Birthday Jeannie!
Jeannie's first birthday party

Friday, March 27, 2009


We arrived in Guangzhou and the White Swan Hotel last night at 9 p.m. our time.

Jeannie did great on the flight. She was so excited when the saw the airplane. She was not afraid at all, and laughed and screamed when we took off. When they brought us a "box snack" and a drink, you would have thought she won the lottery! She was so surprised to have this given to her! We keep reminding ourselves that this is something that she has never experienced and everything is "new" to her.

Today we go for her "medical exam". We have been told that she will get several immunizations. We are hoping that she does OK.

Gia is doing great. She is watching me type right now :)

I will post photos later today,



Sharie said...

What a wonderful first plane ride. Let's pray she enjoys the one to the U.S. as much!

sue williams said...

I am having a great time reading about the girls, I bet I am in for a very similar ride in a few months, I can only hope it will be half as smooth. I had to laugh out loud at the spitting Jia would be shocked into a statue I think! She is very quick to correct and "mother" other kids, even when they are older than she...wonder how that will work out! Time will tell...

Keep the stories coming, I am learning so much,

Sue, momma to Jia, waiting for Juni still in China ;-)

wijvangils said...

Dear Family of five,
I love your story. It's a treu fairy tail. I'm thankfull that I can follow your journey. From Amsterdam, the Netherlands I wish you all the best of luck, joy and hapiness.


Gotcha Day 1/30/2007

Gotcha Day 1/30/2007
Beautiful Gia

Gia and Jeannie

Gia and Jeannie
Gia on the left and Jeannie on the right.

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

Gia and Jeannie

Gia and Jeannie

Fu Cheng and Jia Fan

Fu Cheng  and  Jia Fan
Jeannie and Gia March 2009

Jeannie's beautiful smile

Jeannie's beautiful smile

Jeannie and Gia eating macaroni at Omaha Zoo

Jeannie and Gia eating macaroni at Omaha Zoo

First night's sleep in her clean warm bed. She loves her new home and forever family!

Jeannie, Ben and Gia at home.

Our travel group

Jeannie, Mama and Gia

Jeannie loves her Barbie

This is what it is like trying to work on the computer.

Getting ready for bed, and sleeping with their Barbies

Playing on the monkey bars at an outside playground. Jeannie could not do it at first, but after several attemps, she was keeping up with Gia.

Advertisement outside a restaurant. Looks yummy!

Dressed and ready for breakfast.

Three girls waiting for the immunizations.

Jeannie getting a shot and Gia holding her hand

Jeannie loves her hair in pigtails, Gia had to copy.

Sldeeping beauties. Notice their arms locked together.

Dressed like "twins" in $1.00 Walmart shirts.

Jeannie Fu Cheng

New back packs from Walmart

Gia helping mommy make blankets for the babies in the orphanage.

Happy girls. Notice Jeannie's pig tails. She loves to have her hair done.

Photo from Gotcha Day

I got my sister at last!

Jeannie told us through a translater " Now I won't be alone, I have a sister and a family"

After bath and ready for bed. Notice the hair clips in Jeannie's hair. She is a girly girl!!!

Close up shot of the nicest port-a-potty we have ever seen. Electronic sign to tell you if "occupied or vacant".

Bob and Gia in front of the "birds nest".

The Water Cube

The Olympic Torch

Beijing Airport

Our airplane over the North Pole

Look who we found in the suitcase.

Gia and Jeannie

Gia and Jeannie
Dancing girls

Foster Mom

Foster Mom
Gia, Foster mom and Jeannie

Our Family

Our Family
Bob, Theresa, Ben and Gia